Books by Jean Stringam

Some books by Jean Stringam may just change the way you look at extended family. And others may prompt you to take a closer look at the cowboys and rabbits you meet.

One person’s view = one slice of the whole

You’ll find an intriguing theme running through Stringam’s first five books. She considers the idea that any one person can only know the truth, the totality of a situation, as a tiny slice of the whole. It takes many “slices” for a picture to begin to emerge.

She explores this concept by having four different cousins in an extended family relate the events of one year from their unique perspectives (the four novels of the Cousin Cycle).

In Solstice Magic, she explores this concept another way.  Stringam  narrates the real life challenges of an Alberta-Ukrainian family juxtaposed with the magical elements whirling around the edges of those events.

Contemporary realism / Magical realism

Whether you enjoy reading contemporary realism or magical realism, the author promises you an exciting plot with characters you’ll long remember.

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