Organ Recital

I had such fun putting together this organ recital. Practicing on the magnificent pipe organ was a daily joy. My thanks to all of you who attended. For those of you who said you wanted to attend but had conflicting obligations, here’s the program.

For various works I gave oral notes about the composition and the composer, and what to listen for in terms of the instrument. Many people told me afterwards that they didn’t know much about how pipe organs worked and appreciated that aspect of the recital.

An Original Hymn

Some of the organ recitals I’ve attended recently have included a section for the audience to join in a hymn sing. Generally the organist plays a reharmonization of the hymn for the final verse, often with a running bass pedal line.  I thought this was a fun tradition to include in my recital. One of the three hymns I chose was an arrangement of a hymn I wrote a few years ago, “Like the Gently Rising Sun.” I kept my original scoring for SATB voices, but added an extra bass part to give the hymn a gently rocking feel. Have to say the attendees were quite clever — they got it right away!

Gift of roses

Gift of roses

The gentleman who contacted me to play the recital also arranged the publicity and the reception afterwards. When I got home I took a photo of the bouquet he presented to me at the end of the performance. Roses rank up there next to pipe organs and dark chocolate in the things I love about mortality.