Why it Doesn’t Matter if You Cry in Public

Calculate your social acceptability quotient to understand why it doesn’t matter if you cry in public. Think of this quiz as a sort of cultural score card.  Mark your answer in private and then go to the bottom of the page to see your social acceptability rating.

Truthfully complete the following sentence

“It doesn’t matter if I cry in public because:
a)  Everybody’s doing it. (T/F/Maybe)

b)  The curriculum of self-esteem says you are already wonderful just the way you are and whether you cry in public or not doesn’t have any bearing on your personal worth.  (T/F/Maybe)

c)  No one’s watching you anyway! What did you think? That you make an impact on your community? You are so entirely full of yourself!!!!  ( T/F/Maybe)

Scoring your cultural acceptability

Score each True answer as +5 points. Score each Maybe answer as 2 points. Score each False answer as  -5 points.


  • If your total score is 12 and above, you are a very desirable member of your community.
  • If your score is 8 to 11, you are an acceptable member of your community.
  • If your score is less than 8, you need to try much harder to matter to more people.  We strongly suggest you join at least five social networking sites and spend at least five hours a day on each so as to  improve your personality.

If you would like to read more about this malady, you could read a full-length treatise on the subject such as my novel How Not to Cry in Public & Other Victories, which I personally guarantee to be insightful and encouraging.

In addition, you could read two other blogs of mine entitled “Why Not to Cry in Public: 12 Reasons” and “How Not to Cry in Public,” the reading of which I promise will bring you to tears. Tears of joy, of course,