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Review of The Shape of Water

Review of The Shape of Water. Think of the major themes Hollywood has pushed for the last decade, and you’ve got the script for The Shape of Water. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. How about diversity, physical handicaps, forbidden love, same-sex attraction, racial bigotry, xenophobia, evil white male patriarchy, nudity, gratuitous sex and violence, plus a heavy dose of nostalgia?... Read More | Share it now!

My Friends Loved The Greatest Showman

So many of my friends loved The Greatest Showman. My FaceBook feed was full of encomiums for weeks before I made it to a big screen theatre. I think I know why. It has to be the love story between a tall, handsome, talented and charismatic leading man and a beautiful blonde woman that brought my friends home cheering. A lot of us feel like love as a possibility, much less an actuality, has been maligned in movies far too much. The love in this movie created the sense of a solid base for Barnum’s soaring imagination, a grounding that made his ambitions exciting rather than terrifying.... Read More | Share it now!

More to Come in Retirement

I’m a little surprised to discover there’s still more to come in retirement. I had expected to be done with change by now, but here’s what has happened. Four years ago I bought a house located mid-way between my children so that one plane ticket could take me wherever they lived. Then the moves began. I don’t have enough paranoia to think my proximity had anything to do with it, since job offers motivated each move. But still, the distances have changed.... Read More | Share it now!

My Unwelcome Roommate, the groundhog

My unwelcome roommate, the groundhog, was NOT living under the back porch like I had expected. No, s/he was ensconced in the very cozy crawl-space beneath my house enjoying the warmth from heat ducts and hot water pipes. I had planned to feel more generous about allowing the groundhog to stay, but nothing I had read suggested a happy outcome for the relationship.... Read More | Share it now!