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Going Public with the Private

Why is going public with the private viewed as bravery? Why is telling total strangers everything we think, feel, or do viewed as a positive act?  Why isn’t it simply undisciplined and needy?  Maybe I’m asking, why Facebook? Why do we want the... Read More | Share it now!

Privacy is Less a Right than an Art

Privacy is less a right than an art. And only an art form allows the oxymoron of being private in public to stand true. Actors, after all, have experimented for millennia with the concept of privacy as an art form. The Private Moment Have you ever... Read More | Share it now!

Launching a Book and Moving House

Launching a book and moving house are similar experiences. First, a warning. I don’t recommend doing both at the same time unless you’re either a little ADHD or somewhat masochistic. However, it occurred to me in the middle of the muddle... Read More | Share it now!

Getting Rid of the Adults

Getting rid of the adults in a story for children or young adults has become an authorial obsession. Have you ever noticed how absent adults are from the books in those genres?  The idea seems to be that their characters need emotional and physical... Read More | Share it now!

Readers’ Question about The Hoarders

The readers’ question about The Hoarders that appeared to be the favorite one startled me at first. Perhaps it was because The Hoarders was my debut novel or maybe because it was my first school presentation. But I’ll always remember that... Read More | Share it now!

Marketing nightmare or story-telling genius

I still can’t decide if the Cousin Cycle is a marketing nightmare or story-telling genius. Maybe it’s a little of both. When I began writing the Cousin Cycle i had no idea what the perils would be, i only saw what an intriguing idea it... Read More | Share it now!

Metaphor Game

I played a metaphor game with a writing class, once-upon-a-time, taken from a text I was using by an author named Rohrback. I can’t remember what the author might have had in mind, but what we did was to play with the metaphoric possibilities of... Read More | Share it now!

Painful to watch Iron Lady movie

I found it painful to watch the Iron Lady movie. I’m always prepared to be mesmerized by Meryl Streep, and truly her brilliant portrayal of Margaret Thatcher did not disappoint. Nevertheless, I found the movie distinctly painful. Another aspect... Read More | Share it now!

Garrison Keillor Came to Town

Garrison Keillor came to town and I blithely paid my money and trotted off to see his one-man live show. If you’re used to his radio show, you’ll have to close your eyes during the stage performance, however.  He has this mannerism of... Read More | Share it now!

Viewing versus reading The Hunger Games

Viewing versus reading The Hunger Games is a distinctly different experience. I’ve experienced strong student engagement each time I’ve used The Hunger Games novel for YA literature classes. But the image that disquieted me the most after... Read More | Share it now!

Comparison of Hugo and The Artist

I’m compelled to make the comparison of Hugo and The Artist, two movies about early film-making. I know I’m supposed to adore the movie The Artist. I know I’m supposed to think of it as an elegant and engaging salute to silent film.... Read More | Share it now!

The Descendants and We Bought a Zoo

My comparison of The Descendants and We Bought a Zoo turns on directorial artistry, specifically its presence in the first and its lack in the second. Each movie tells the story of how a man and his two children cope with the death of his wife/their... Read More | Share it now!

A Song for Each Book

I write a song for each book I write. After living with my characters for so many months, I begin to hear the songs they sing. I’ve written each song with vocal lyrics and piano accompaniment for you to enjoy. Just go to to... Read More | Share it now!