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Viewing versus reading The Hunger Games

Viewing versus reading The Hunger Games is a distinctly different experience. I’ve experienced strong student engagement each time I’ve used The Hunger Games novel for YA literature classes. But the image that disquieted me the most after viewing the movie was not the merciless slaughter on-screen, although it was truly horrific. It was not the foppish elegance of the Capitol citizens with their bizarre make-up and clothes, because they were positioned as Other to me as viewer. The image that choked the breath out of me was the circle of computer engineers.... Read More | Share it now!

Comparison of Hugo and The Artist

I’m compelled to make the comparison of Hugo and The Artist, two movies about early film-making. I know I’m supposed to adore the movie The Artist. I know I’m supposed to think of it as an elegant and engaging salute to silent film. I know if I write a review in which I say it is one of the most self-serving, self-congratulatory bits Hollywood has ever created, that I  will be decried as a film philistine.... Read More | Share it now!

The Descendants and We Bought a Zoo

My comparison of The Descendants and We Bought a Zoo turns on directorial artistry, specifically its presence in the first and its lack in the second. Each movie tells the story of how a man and his two children cope with the death of his wife/their mother, and each movie had equally compelling settings of the beauty of Kauai and a zoo full of animals.... Read More | Share it now!

A Song for Each Book

[caption id="attachment_1269" align="alignright" width="300"]songs for my books songs for my books[/caption]

I write a song for each book I write. After living with my characters for so many months, I begin to hear the songs they sing. I’ve written each song with vocal lyrics and piano accompaniment for you to enjoy.... Read More | Share it now!

House-sitting at a resort

There’s much to enjoy about the vocation of house-sitting at a resort. If you love to read, there’s all that solitude. If you’re a recluse, you only have to socialize briefly at the beginning when they hand you the keys and at the end when you hand back the keys and receive your money. If you’re a writer, it solves some of the reasons writers sign up for expensive retreats.... Read More | Share it now!

Las Vegas with Donny and Marie

We loved our evening at the Flamingo in Las Vegas with Donny and Marie. Their show, “Forever Fabulous,” has rightly deserved the many awards it has received. The polish, the talent, the energy, yes, all of the necessary parts were there. But there was something about the show that raised it above the norm for excellent.... Read More | Share it now!