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A Christmas Canvas of the Heart

I once knew a woman who believed she could create a Christmas canvas of the heart whenever it felt right. I can understand her impulse. She sincerely believed that the important part of Christmas occurred in the heart. Therefore, she decided to celebrate Christmas when it felt “right.”... Read More | Share it now!

Reasons to Deplore the Global Village

There are several reasons to deplore the global village that the world has become, but I’ll limit myself to one. What I hate most about globalization is what it’s done to local talent. Every city has stunning voices, great musicians, fine actors, excellent athletes, but they are constantly compared to the super-stars of dozens of other bigger cities and found short.... Read More | Share it now!

Going Public with the Private

Why is going public with the private viewed as bravery? Why is telling total strangers everything we think, feel, or do viewed as a positive act?  Why isn’t it simply undisciplined and needy?  Maybe I’m asking, why Facebook? Why do we want the complete and raw goods on anybody—famous, infamous, or obscure?... Read More | Share it now!