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Why it Doesn’t Matter if You Cry in Public

Calculate your social acceptability quotient to understand why it doesn’t matter if you cry in public. Think of this quiz as a sort of cultural score card.  Mark your answer in private and then go to the bottom of the page to see your social acceptability rating.... Read More | Share it now!

Why Not to Cry in Public: 12 Reasons

Cryers of the world are continually asking themselves why not to cry in public. What’s wrong with it? Since there is such confusion in a small but important sector of the population, I have compiled twelve closely considered arguments addressing why not to cry in public.... Read More | Share it now!

How Not to Cry in Public

How not to cry in public is a skill set involving technique and discipline. My abilities are composed of in-depth experience, high-level research, and successful methodology, In other words, I’m an expert on this topic, so pay attention.... Read More | Share it now!

Is Anger Worth Writing About?

I keep wondering, is anger worth writing about?  Years ago I auditioned for the actors section of a theatre workshop directed by Tad Danielewski. I discovered during that experience that anger is a sort of polymorphous category.  It’s a catch-all, powerful emotion when you are confused about what you really feel.... Read More | Share it now!

Getting Rid of the Adults

Getting rid of the adults in a story for children or young adults has become an authorial obsession. Have you ever noticed how absent adults are from the books in those genres?  The idea seems to be that their characters need emotional and physical space to grow and develop independence.  Young readers want role models that show them how to be successful doing things on their own.... Read More | Share it now!

Readers’ Question about The Hoarders

The readers’ question about The Hoarders that appeared to be the favorite one startled me at first. Perhaps it was because The Hoarders was my debut novel or maybe because it was my first school presentation. But I’ll always remember that first-ever author visit to a school where grades four through seven had assembled in the library.... Read More | Share it now!

Marketing nightmare or story-telling genius

I still can’t decide if the Cousin Cycle is a marketing nightmare or story-telling genius. Maybe it’s a little of both. When I began writing the Cousin Cycle i had no idea what the perils would be, i only saw what an intriguing idea it would be to focus severally the impact of the events of one year on an extended family of cousins rather than on one gendered protagonist.... Read More | Share it now!

Metaphor Game

I played a metaphor game with a writing class, once-upon-a-time, taken from a text I was using by an author named Rohrback. I can’t remember what the author might have had in mind, but what we did was to play with the metaphoric possibilities of a simple concept. While my students were writing, here’s what I did with the phrase “My mind is . . .”... Read More | Share it now!