Music for Each Book

A unique aspect of Jean Stringam’s work is that she writes music for each book. After living with her protagonists for many months, she begins to hear the song they sing. The song doesn’t match a particular scene in the story as often happens in musical theatre. Instead, think of the song as an expression of the character’s soul, the essence of the person.

Each song has lyrics and piano accompaniment. Simply click on the links to access the sheet music for each book:

If you click on the titles below, you can listen to a version of the song by the musicians from the Colorado band, Jack+Jill.

A women’s group asked me for a song to accompany their presentation of Corrie Ten Boom’s story in The Hiding Place, so I wrote “Bloom Where You’re Planted” for a ladies trio in her honor. I hope she won’t mind that I wrote the verses as comic relief to the lyrical chorus.

Songs to celebrate composers I admire

I think of these songs as a small tribute to some of the composers whose music fills my heart and mind each day.

To Jacques Brel:

Song for voice and piano accompaniment that builds in the style of the Belgian singer/song-writer Jacques Brel. Hope you like “All My Stories”

To Johannes Brahms: 

I’ve been having fun with my “Lullaby for Lorelei” and have created some new arrangements for you to try. These are still in Beta, so they’re available for free download. I’d love to know which you liked best, which worked, which didn’t, etc.

Two months on earth

Two months on earth

Vocals with intermediate level piano —  Lullaby for Lorelei

A quartet for strings, flutes, or woodwinds —   Lullaby for Lorelei – quartet

A simplified version for piano —   Lullaby for Lorelei – simplified

A waltz with obbligato for flute or violin —   Lullaby for Lorelei – waltz obbligato

Score for quartet plus piano —   Lullaby for Lorelei – score

To Handel:

“Psalm of Praise” is inspired by a text written by the Old Testament scholar Bruce R. McConkie in which he demonstrates poetic elements of Hebrew parallelism.  This version is for a three-part treble choir with piano accompaniment. Here it is arranged for the organ and available as a free download, Psalm of Praise – organ

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