School Visits

Jean Stringam is available for school visits to discuss her work, as well as the art and craft of writing fiction.

High School

Regrets Tree on Fire – Discussion Topics for Regrets Tree on Fire
The must-read manual for how teenage boys in the 21st century cope with the sex and violence embedded in the culture. Try Bill’s song,“Regrets Tree on Fire” — you’ll love it!

Solstice MagicDiscussion Topics for Solstice Magic:
Magical realism at its best! Find Susie’s lonesome song, “Safe at Home Again,” at the end of the novel. Alternatively, you can buy it here. You can also hear a recorded version on YouTube.

How Not to Cry in Public & Other VictoriesDiscussion Topics for How Not to Cry in Public & Other Victories
The search for birth parents is most poignant with Brenna’s song, “Who Am I?” included at the end of the novel. Or you can buy it here.  You can also hear a recorded version on YouTube.

Middle School

BalanceDiscussion Questions for Balance (GLE-MO)
One discussion I love to do with students happens when the middle school Health Education teacher uses Balance as an ancillary text for the human sexuality unit. When I come to the school, the focus on Adele helps the students articulate many of their own concerns.

If the Choral teacher helps the girls learn Adele’s song, which showcases the dichotomy of adolescent emotions, it makes my visit doubly memorable. Here’s a link to buy the sheet music for “All I Want.”

Upper Elementary

The HoardersDiscussion Questions for The Hoarders (GLE-MO)
If you’re looking for a great middle grade book (4-6) that has adventure, humor, and a family ghost, The Hoarders has it all. Boys and girls alike love this book!

Classes have a lot of fun with the brother’s rap song, “My Joke About a Worm.”


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